How To Play Xenon Moon

Xenon Moon offers hours upon hours of gameplay and complicated puzzle solving. Although the game has a simplified start and introduction to the gameplay concepts, the game is not easy or suited to the hyper casual gamer. While the start of the game may be somewhat slow, as the game progresses, environments to explore get larger, puzzles get harder, and enemies get far more dangerous.

In the spirit of traditional science fiction and simulation style games, Xenon Moon features a full suite of controls. Your vehicle, the Gamma Quad can be steered left to right, and acceleration can all be applied with the LEFT thumb area of your mobile device.

On the RIGHT thumb area is the fire button, and vertical boost button. The fire control can be dragged up or down to adjust aim. The vertical boost button offers a short burst of vertical movement which can be vital when traversing more volatile mountainous regions of Xenon Moon.

The craters, canyons and ravines of Xenon Moon are diverse and unique. Each is filled with crystalline structures which can be shot and broken down into minerals for collection. These minerals are greatly sort after by local outposts, but they can also be quickly converted into electronic components. Crafting is simplified in Xenon Moon. Simply visit a manufacturing platform and your crystal mineral inventory can be converted into components.

Not all is as it seems on Xenon Moon. Mysterious attacks from an unknown threat have knocked out power networks throughout the northern quadrants. Your ability to collect minerals, convert components and then repair power stations throughout the crater regions will help you move forward in your ultimate goal of following your brother’s footsteps. Your brother who was one of the first people to set foot on Xenon Moon, and only you can reveal mystery surrounding is disappearance.

Components can also be used to upgrade the Gamma Quad. With more than 18 unique and different upgrade modules available at service stations throughout the crater regions, you can turn the Gamma Quad into a fast get about or heavily armoured tank. Please visit our dedicated page for upgrades and find more detailed information on Gamma Quad upgrades.

Outposts offer refuel and repair services as well as a the option to donate minerals or components in return for power station repair hints or updated map data of the surrounding area. Managing your fuel, and your Gamma Quad’s health are vital as you traverse the craters of Xenon Moon.

Hints and Tips for Playing Xenon Moon

Collect as many Crystal Minerals as possible early on. The need to convert these minerals into components becomes becomes greater and greater as you progress. You’ll also need more and more components for higher level Gamma Quad upgrades.

Upgrades change everything. Improve your Gamma Quad the way you like, but be sure to take advantage of the core system upgrades which increase storage capacity so you can collect and store more Crystal Minerals and components. Core system upgrades also improve fuel efficiency and the number of upgrades you can apply to the Gamma Quad.

Outposts offer small rewards for donations. If you need extra help repairing the power network or need an updated survey map of the local area to find a service station, head to an outpost and donate Crystal Minerals.

Use your tokens. Throughout Xenon Moon you are rewarded for your actions with Tokens, the local system currency. Use your tokens to help repair power stations quickly or to purchase upgrades if you don’t have enough components.

From everyone at Daily Digital Games – we really hope you enjoy Xenon Moon.

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