Xenon Moon Upgrades

Xenon Moon - Armour Upgrade

Armour Upgrades

Armour upgrades offer more protection and damage resistance of the Gamma Quad.

ClassUpgrade NameBonusDescription
1Heavy Duty Hull ReinforcementsIncreased Hull StrengthSlightly Increased Damage Resistance. Reduced Speed & Manoeuvrability.
2Deflective Armour SystemIncreased Hull StrengthModerately Increased Damage Resistance. Reduced Speed & Manoeuvrability.
3Double Layer Armour PlatingIncreased Hull StrengthSignificantly Improved Damage Resistance. Reduced Speed & Manoeuvrability.

Core System Upgrades

Core system upgrades offer a variety of improvements to the Gamma Quad chassis.

ClassUpgrade NameBonusNotes / Features
1Lightweight Chassis Increased Upgrade CapacityIncrease the number of Upgrade Points available for the Gamma Quad. Apply more Upgrades.
2Vacuum Storage CompartmentsIncreased Storage CapacityStore up to 60 of each Crystal Mineral or Component Type.
3Carbon Nanotube Core InternalsIncreased Fuel CapacityImproved Fuel Efficiency. Travel further, for longer distances.

Thruster Upgrades

Thruster upgrades increase the speed, manoeuvrability & vertical boost capacity of the Gamma Quad.

ClassUpgrade NameBonusDescription
1Ablative Pulse Plasma ThrustersIncreased Speed & Vertical BoostThe ablative pulse plasma thruster modification provides a positive increase to the Gamma Quad’s acceleration and speed. This comes with a small cost to manoeuvrability, but still an ideal upgrade for any Gamma Quad.
2Multistage Plasma ThrustersIncreased Speed & Vertical BoostMultistage thrusters offer a substantial increase in speed. Ideal for any scout or escort Gamma Quad build, multistage plasma thrusters produce small decreases in vertical boost, and manoeuvrability. For extra responsive throttle and top speed, multistage thrusters are highly recommended.
3Funnelled Ion Repeater ThrustersIncreased Speed & Vertical BoostFunnelled ion repeaters provide the ultimate speed increase for Gamma Quad vehicles. In conjunction with other thruster upgrades, and the Gamma Quad’s acceleration and top speed is dramatically improved. While Ion Repeaters are renowned for additional speed, the upgrade adds weight, reduces turning speed, and consumes more power, which results in a slightly less fuel-efficient build.
ClassUpgrade NameBonusDescription
1Improvised Shock MountsIncreased Turn SpeedImprovised shock mounts address a fundamental limitation in the Gamma Quad’s thruster housing design and greatly improves manoeuvrability. The improvised shock mounts are the perfect addition to any Gamma Quad that needs to be more agile out in the field.
2Reinforced Constant-Velocity JointsIncreased Turn SpeedReinforced CV joints improve the speed with which thrusters can rotate and change angle. This modification greatly improves the responsiveness of the Gamma Quad’s steering, and ability to tackle difficult terrain as well as out-flank enemy combatants.
3Light-Weight StrutsIncreased Turn SpeedThe lightweight strut modification offers a substantial refitting of the undercarriage and thruster housing. The Gamma Quad’s steering assembly benefits greatly, and the turning speed is dramatically improved. This modification does however come with the draw back of less speed, more weight, and reduced vertical boost capacity.

Weapon Upgrades

Weapon upgrades offer increased damage or improved fire rate & projectile speed from the Gamma Quad’s primary laser cannon.

ClassUpgrade NameBonusDescription
1Super Charged Laser DistributorIncreased Weapon DamageBasic Weapon Damage Increase.
2Turbo Charged Laser DistributorIncreased Projectile SpreadIncreased Laser Fire Output Spread. Reduced Fire Rate.
3Dual Rectifier Laser DistributorIncreased Projectile SpreadThe dual rectifier weapons system modification is a complete overhaul of the primary firing power supply. With increased charge capacity, the Gamma Quad unleashes devastating, but less accurate volleys of laser fire. This modification comes with reduced fire rate.
ClassUpgrade NameBonusDescription
1Reinforced Firing ChamberIncreased Weapon Fire Rate.Decreased weapon cool down. Improved rate of fire.
2Laser Recoil DampenerIncreased Weapon Fire SpeedReduction in the amount of fuel consumed when firing. Improved rate of fire.
3Ablative Laser Heat SinksIncreased Weapon Fire SpeedWith ablative heat sinks, the Gamma Quad’s primary weapon runs substantially cooler. Safety protocols are offset and the primary weapon’s rate of fire is greatly increased. The ablative heat sink upgrade is one of the most popular choices among heavy combat pilots.