Xenon Moon: Chapter One

Ensign Science Security Officer, Thorsten Blake
Encrypted Personal Communiqué
Timestamp: September 2135 – 2 years ago


If you’re getting this message, then it means you’ve followed me out to Gliese 667. It also means I never made it home, and you’re looking for answers.

I know I made a lot of promises, and you must have been sick of hearing the excuses. Sorry I missed your birthday; sorry I’m not home for Christmas, just one more job, just one more mission, and all that.

Not everything went to plan out here, and I know I am being cryptic, but it’s probably the only way my communications will get through to you.

In the event that something did go wrong, you should be receiving all the logs and data files that I’ve managed to get my hands on during this last mission. With each piece maybe you can put the puzzle together and find out what’s really happening out here.

I’m sorry I let you down.

Your brother,
Ensign Science Security Officer, Thorsten Blake.

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